This is where you explain your design needs. During this initial consult we'll discuss your specific wants, ideas, and expectations. These initial discussions help us to understand your business and your goals
After this initial contact we will then generate a quote for you. We will not start the project until this quote and its particulars are agreed. At this stage we will draw up a contract for your approval. This is so that you will know what you are paying for and we will know exactly what we need to deliver. On some projects we may also require a deposit.

After you tell us what your needs are , we then go away and do a little research. What appeals to your target market? How can we best attract them? What are the competition doing and how can we go one better? These are all things we will research in regards to your project.
Then we start working through the creative processes to generate ideas. As soon as these first design concepts are complete, we will send them by email and can also upload them to your own web viewing area where you can view and download the artwork for assessment.

After viewing the prototypes, we'll discuss your views and feedback, refining and developing the design work according to your input and developing the prototype design.

Once the prototype concept has been agreed upon, we can then developit and apply it to the final output. A final proof of the design will be sent to you and at this point can be sent out for production {launched on the web, printed, etcetera}.



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Although each project is unique, we adhere to a fairly standardized process, avoiding any confusion and enabling our clients to know exactly where they stand.

Step 1 | Initial briefing and quote

Step 2 | Concept Generation and Prototypes

Step 3 | Final Concept Agreement

Step 4 | Implementation